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Depreciation of Vehicle Depends on Gross Vehicle Weight (GVW)

Curb Weight is the actual weight of the truck without any passengers or cargo in it. It’s the base weight that is used in subtraction to calculate the total weight of the vehicle with passengers and cargo. Gross Vehicle Weight … Continue reading

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LLC Operating Income is taxed how?

How is the LLC operating income taxed? The tax side is way different… BAD.  A single member LLC is a “disregarded” entity.  Thus, the LLC would not do a separate tax return as would a corporation.  The owner (now you know … Continue reading

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LLC Income is Reported How?

How is the LLC income reported?  The IRS considers the single member LLC to be a “disregarded” entity.  That means, it is reported for tax purposes exactly the same as a sole proprietor with no additional reporting requirements.  That’s still … Continue reading

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If I’m doing business as an LCC, what am I called?

Owners of LLC’s are called members.  The person in charge is called the manager or managing member (if it is a multiple member LLC).

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Office in Home Deduction

HOME OFFICE DEDUCTION Do you have an area of the home you use exclusively for business? If so, the following information is needed: Square footage of area used exclusively for business  Total square footage (excluding garage)  Electric, gas (not water) Maid … Continue reading

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LLC’s – What is an LLC?

Limited Liability Companies started in the United States in Wyoming in 1977. Similar entities existed in Germany in the late 1890’s. The Wyoming farmers wanted the advantages of corporations (specifically, limited personal liability) with the advantages of being unincorporated (no … Continue reading

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Hello World!

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