Work for Pay Credit – How much did you receive?

This credit is available in 2009 and 2010.  According to IRS instructions, taxpayers who received the $250 economic stimulus payment in 2009 (Social Security recipients, SSI, railroad retirement and Veteran’s Disability or Pension benefits) must reduce the Form 1040 credit by this amount.

The math is simple BUT we forsee a few problems.  Since the check is probably directly deposited, many taxpayers are going to say “don’t know if I received it”.  YUP, that’s what they will say.  Then the question is, how do we know for sure when preparing a return (and trying to avoid preparer penalties)……

IRS instructions say if you “if you do not know” you should personally contact the Social Security or the paying agency.  IRS nor Social Security has any electronic link to obtain this information (we had a link for the Economic Stimulus Rebate in 2009 for 2008).

Here is a link to more specific information on the IRS website Making Work Pay Questions and Answers: Economic Recovery Payments

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